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Draft horses on San Juans: A continuation of island heritage | Slideshow

Before moving to the island, Greg Lange described himself as an endurance junkie. His habits included marathons, extreme skiing, intense hikes and basically “anything that had to do with endurance.”. So it’s fitting that he got into working with draft horses, which requires an immense amount of strength and fortitude.
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Remembering Gene Knapp

What do you remember best about Gene Knapp? A myriad of things come to people’s mind: his success as an attorney, his passion for land use issues, his involvement with the Land Bank and San Juan County Council. But overwhelmingly it was his calming disposition that set him apart. Gene passed away at his home on Orcas Island Oct. 18 after an extended illness.
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Rep. Larsen shucks oysters, talks transportation and veterans access in San Juan Islands

Rick Larsen visited San Juan Island and Lopez Island last week to hold round table discussions and visit local sites. On Tuesday, Aug. 25 Larsen met with members of the advisory committee for the National Monument to see Lopez’s progress in coming up with a development and management plan. “The community at large has done a great job on preparing for a potential monument as well as insisting that there be a management advisory committee that is community based,” Larsen said.
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Neighbors concerned over move of Orcas Island marijuana grow facility

Marijuana producer and processor NW Connoisseurs have begun the permitting process to move from their current facilities in Deer Harbor to Hope Lane in Eastsound. According to NW Connoisseurs Director of Operations Aarikka Tuss, the lease for their current building will be up soon, prompting the move.
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Local firefighters and Red Cross volunteers join wildfire efforts in Eastern Washington

The forest fires in Washington continue to burn, drawing international aid from firefighters and volunteers, including from the San Juan Islands. Six firefighters from San Juan Island, one from Orcas Island and five local Red Cross volunteers have joined the effort to contain the fires and help affected residents.
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Bee Kills Lead to New Restrictions

Studies have shown the links between neonicotiniod pesticides and pollinator deaths, but some jurisdictions have been quicker to ban the bee-killing chemicals than others. The incident at Jacobs Lane Apartments involved two trees in the city’s right-of-way and was on a Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County property that is run by a property management company.
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Pesticides Responsible For Thousands Of Dead Bees

Resident Marguerite Sugg stands outside her apartment where imidacloprid was sprayed last Tuesday. Although it caused the death of at least 5,000 bees, Sugg says she was told it was safe. Photo: Anna V. The company used imidacloprid, a neonicotonid pesticide linked to bee deaths. The city of Eugene banned the use of neonicotonids on all city property earlier this year, echoing a move made by the European Union last year after the correlation between pesticide use and colony collapse disorder became clear.
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Never a Kindness Too Small

Keegan Keppner sits in a green plastic lawn chair with “Whoville” scrawled on it in Sharpie, the O written as a peace sign and surrounded by hearts and asterisks as if it was decorated by an adoring fan. Keegan’s knees are jammed up in his black sweatshirt and he shifts around to evade the chilliness of the spring evening.
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Bee-Killing Pesticides Linked To Bird Declines

The latest in a number of recent studies looking at the impact of neonicotinoid pesticides has shown declining bird populations in areas where the pesticides are used in high concentrations. Neonics have already been associated with bee die-offs, and a new study published in Nature found that common bird populations such as barn swallows and starlings decreased 3.5 percent each year in areas associated with neonics use.
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Anna V. Smith

Anna V. Smith is a reporter in the San Juan Islands.

Anna is interested in continuing her environmental journalism career either in the Pacific Northwest, where she was born and raised, or other parts of the world where groundbreaking new research and policy is happening.



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